Crosschecking Potential Employees via Social Media

October 14th, 2014

Taking advantage of social media is a must when interviewing potential employees for your company. It provides you with a comprehensive picture of who the potential employee actually is outside of the interview. Here are the top three social media channels you should check: 


Looking at a potential employee’s LinkedIn account is a way you can verify whether or not the employment history is accurate. Potential employees sometimes embellish or exaggerate on any written documents they provide during an interview. LinkedIn shows whether or not someone has worked at a particular company and how long they have worked there.

Additionally, you can check a potential employee’s skillset on LinkedIn by checking his or her “Endorsements.” When someone is “endorsed” for a specific skill such as copywriting or JavaScript, this means that one of his or her professional references is vouching for that particular skill.


People often post very personal information on Facebook such as pictures, hobbies, attended events, and more. You can crosscheck a potential employee’s personality or habits in off-work hours to ensure they fit with your company’s values. Even if a person’s profile is private, you will still be able to see a certain amount of information by looking at their Facebook account.


Checking a potential employee’s Twitter account is a great way to see how engaged the employee is with current events and other happenings. Most Twitter accounts are public, meaning you will be able to see the full scope of what your potential employee is posting. You can check Twitter to ensure he or she is not posting comments that could potentially lead to trouble for your company later.

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