How to Use Temporary Jobs to Advance Your Career

October 28th, 2014

If you want to advance your career but are at a standstill, you should consider applying for a temporary job. Working at a temporary job gives you the opportunity to hone your skills and experience while in a non-committed environment. Here’s how to use temporary jobs to advance your career: 

Learn Niche Skills. 

You will likely pick up some niche skills when you are working at a temporary job that you can apply to your career. Adding these niche skills to your resume will expand your desirability and increase your chances with future employers. 

Assess What Works For You. 

When you work at a temporary job, you can decide what jobs or career circumstances work for you. When you advance in your career, you will do so because you have already determined what is most important to you. Additionally, if you are working in a situation that is less than ideal, you have the luxury of knowing that particular situation isn’t permanent. 

Develop a Wide Variety of Experiences. 

If you work at multiple temporary jobs, you will develop a wide variety of experiences. Theses experiences will allow you to better assess situations and be a more well rounded employee as you advance in your career. 

Make Connections. 

When you work at a new company, you are actively making new connections. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find temporary jobs at companies in the same field in which you are interested. You will be able to network and meet new people, creating mutually beneficial relationships, which may unexpectedly help your career at a later point. 

If you would like to advance your career by taking on a temporary job, contact Olympic Staffing. We will provide you with a variety of jobs from which you can choose depending on which skillset you want to improve.


How to Prevent Employee Burnout

October 21st, 2014

When a team of employees has been working extensively on the same project, you risk employee burnout. When employees burn out, productivity and morale can drastically decrease. As the employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure you reduce the potential for employee burnout when possible. Here are some ways you can prevent employee burnout: 

Encourage Employees to Take Vacation. 

Some employees view taking vacation as “bad.” They are afraid to ask for time off or to travel far away from the workplace. You should encourage your employees to take vacation for several reasons. Vacation will refresh your employees, while taking their mind off work. When they return, they are rested and ready to tackle the job with renewed vigor and insight. In addition, taking a break often increases their appreciation for the routine of going back to work. 

Assign Different Tasks to Longstanding Employees. 

If the tasks your employees are working on can be interchanged, make it a point to do so every few months. This will prevent your employees from feeling frustrated or bored throughout the course of their employment. You might also be surprised at the new results you see from assigning your employees different tasks. 

Encourage Team Collaboration. 

If your employees are working on tasks alone, this can often lead to burnout because the employee feels that s/he has nowhere to turn. Encourage your employees to collaborate with one another on certain tasks that lend themselves to teamwork. Your employees will have a fresh perspective on their work, and hopefully, will make meaningful connections in the process.

Hire Temps

Rather than keeping your permanent staff on continual overtime, hire temps in the busy season or for extended projects. You will not only prevent burnout in your permanent staff, but also save money. Temp employees usually cost less per/hour than paying your permanent staff overtime. 

Treat Your Employees. 

Working on the same tasks repeatedly can be mundane. Strive to bring some excitement to the workplace by treating your employees on occasion. This could be as simple as taking your employees out to lunch or bringing donuts in the morning. Stop by their office/cubicle and say thanks or include a written thank you with their paycheck. Your employees will feel appreciated and will be that much more motivated to work harder for you. 

If you are in need of temp employees or additional permanent staff, contact Olympic Staffing. We will fill the gap and help you prevent employee burnout.

Crosschecking Potential Employees via Social Media

October 14th, 2014

Taking advantage of social media is a must when interviewing potential employees for your company. It provides you with a comprehensive picture of who the potential employee actually is outside of the interview. Here are the top three social media channels you should check: 


Looking at a potential employee’s LinkedIn account is a way you can verify whether or not the employment history is accurate. Potential employees sometimes embellish or exaggerate on any written documents they provide during an interview. LinkedIn shows whether or not someone has worked at a particular company and how long they have worked there.

Additionally, you can check a potential employee’s skillset on LinkedIn by checking his or her “Endorsements.” When someone is “endorsed” for a specific skill such as copywriting or JavaScript, this means that one of his or her professional references is vouching for that particular skill.


People often post very personal information on Facebook such as pictures, hobbies, attended events, and more. You can crosscheck a potential employee’s personality or habits in off-work hours to ensure they fit with your company’s values. Even if a person’s profile is private, you will still be able to see a certain amount of information by looking at their Facebook account.


Checking a potential employee’s Twitter account is a great way to see how engaged the employee is with current events and other happenings. Most Twitter accounts are public, meaning you will be able to see the full scope of what your potential employee is posting. You can check Twitter to ensure he or she is not posting comments that could potentially lead to trouble for your company later.

Contact Olympic Staffing. We will recruit employees for your company that not only will meet your skillset needs and qualifications, but also pass your social media screening.

Nurturing New Employees

October 7th, 2014

When you hire new employees, it’s your job to make sure they feel comfortable and useful within the company. The best way to do this is to think about, and include, your new employees from the very first day. Here’s how you can nurture your new employees to become productive members of your company:

Assign Responsibility. 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to nurture a new employee is to assign him or her responsibility. New employees often feel as though they’re not as “important” or “valuable” as other employees who have been there longer. This often leads to new employees feeling uncomfortable voicing an opinion or asserting themselves. If you assign a potential employee responsibility, he or she will take ownership over that certain task and will feel like he or she is on a more even playing field with the other employees. 

Promote the Company Values. 

New employees often don’t know the company’s values right away. This can lead to a feeling of disconnect with other employees or even when performing routine tasks such as answering e-mails or attending meetings. Encourage the new employee to learn the company’s values by reading company policies, shadowing more experienced employees, or observing the overall workplace. This will reassure the new employee of his or her place in the company. 

Check In Regularly. 

For the first few weeks, you should check in regularly with your new employee. By doing this, you are letting your new employee know that you care about his or her happiness and success within the company. Encourage the new employee to ask questions, voice opinions, and give comments about their daily routine. This will provide the new employee with a safe space to grow, learn, and increase their confidence. 

You will find that nurturing your new employees will not only help the employee, but also will also help your company, as the employee will gain productivity and confidence. If you are in need of new employees, contact Olympic Staffing. We will staff your company with qualified employees who will be a good match for your company’s needs.