How to Improve Office Communication

September 2nd, 2014

One of the biggest components behind a successful office is how well the employees communicate with one another. Some employees might be better at communicating than others, but it’s your job as the employer to make sure that everyone in the office is communicating effectively. Here’s how to improve office communication in your company: 

Hold Staff Meetings Regularly. 

Many issues surrounding miscommunication arise simply because change is happening too fast for the employees to remain updated. This can be remedied by holding staff meetings on a regular basis. Whether you decide to meet once a week, every other week, or once a month, you need to make sure your employees are regularly being updated on any pertinent events or changes the company is experiencing. 

Hold Smaller Department Meetings. 

While it’s important to keep your entire office informed, it’s equally as important to ensure communication is effective within individual departments. Departments are often extremely diversified within companies and have individual issues. Hold small department meetings on a regular basis in addition to company meetings to allow your various departments and teams to discuss issues and events that are relevant to them. 

Implement an Open Door Policy. 

If you want office communication to be improved, try implementing an open door policy. This means that employees are free to talk to each other as well as their superiors, without fear of reprisal, if an issue arises. Often, employees feel prohibited from bringing up issues to their superiors. Implementing an open door policy will give your employees an increased sense of communication because their ideas and comments are welcomed.

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