How to Give the Best References Possible

September 9th, 2014

Many employers use references as a way to verify your experience, credibility, and attitude. As a potential employee, you will want to give your interviewer the best references possible to increase your chances of being hired. Here are some tips on giving references.

Think Back to Previous Jobs. 

When you are brainstorming ideas of whom your references should be, think back to previous jobs you have held over the years. If you have maintained positive relationships with your former bosses or coworkers, list these people as your references. By listing former bosses and coworkers, you are letting your new employer know you performed your skills well in previous jobs and left on positive terms. 

Give References Talking Points. 

Each job you apply for will have a specific skillset and list of experiences you want to highlight. Let your references know what specific skillsets, experiences, and personality traits you want highlighted for each job. This will make the task much easier for your references when they respond to a reference check request.

Ask First 

Your references won’t be able to speak as highly of you if they aren’t expecting a call from a potential employer. Ask their permission before using them. Give your reference a notice that you’re interviewing for jobs as well as a window of time when he or she could be called. By doing this, they can be prepared for the call and you are eliminating any potential surprises that could weaken your references.

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