What Salary Should You Ask For?

August 26th, 2014

Salary is one of the most important factors determining if you will accept a job offer. Some employers will advertise specific salaries, but you should still do an initial assessment to make sure you are being paid fairly. If you aren’t, you should ask for a different salary. Here are some tips regarding what salary you should ask for:

Consider Your Experience. 

In your previous job, you made a certain amount of money every year. In most situations, you will ask for a salary that is equal to or higher than your previous salary. This also is dependent on how long you were at the job, what skills you learned, and how valuable you were as an employee. Use your previous salary as a baseline before considering other factors such as your future financial commitments and salary comparison. 

Assess Your Future Financial Commitments. 

Assess your future financial commitments, and consider these when determining a salary amount. You won’t necessarily be able to ask for a higher salary because you have more financial responsibilities, but you will be able to look for jobs and salaries that meet your financial need. 

Research and Compare with Other Jobs. 

Even though you need to take your past experiences and financial commitments into account, you also need to research and compare salaries for similar companies and positions. You can do this on websites such as Glassdoor or PayScale. Once you know what other candidates are earning in similar positions, you can ask for a similar salary.

If you know what salary you would like and are ready to find a new job, contact Olympic Staffing. We help candidates find employers who are offer salaries equitable to the position requirements and the potential candidate’s skills/experience.


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