How to Stay Relevant as a Potential Employee

August 12th, 2014

We live in a world that has an ever-changing job market. There are always new skills, techniques, and programs to learn in order to keep up with others who are applying to similar jobs. If you’re currently looking for a job, it’s your responsibility to make sure you stay relevant as a potential employee.

Tweak Your Resumé to Reflect Trends. 

If you’re applying for a job that deals with anything digital, you should tweak your resume to reflect what is currently trending. For example, if a new social network or computer program is extremely popular at the time of your application, you will want to list your experience with that current program or social network. Your potential employer will appreciate the fact that you know the latest trends and they won’t have to spend time training you or asking you to learn a new program. 

Apply for Jobs with Long-Lasting Potential. 

Only apply for jobs that have long-lasting potential in terms of relevancy. For example, if there’s a social media network that is almost obsolete, avoid applying for jobs where using that social network would be your primary skill. You always want to make sure the skills and tasks you perform on a regular basis at your current job can last and will be able to further your career when interviewing for future jobs. 

Make sure your Skills are not Obsolete. 

In order to stay relevant as a potential employee, your skills need to be relevant. This includes staying up-to-date on software and hardware updates and being informed about new methods of doing certain tasks. Potential employers don’t want to have to take the time to train you on new programs or ways of completing certain tasks. 

Phase out References to Dated Experiences. 

Before you send out your resume, make sure it doesn’t have any dated experiences. For example, if you are a college graduate, you shouldn’t have any mention of high school experiences. If you have been in the workforce for several years, you shouldn’t list any college extracurricular activities or internships. If you don’t keep your resume relevant, employers are going to assume that you haven’t been keeping yourself that busy since that past experience. 

If you make a concerted effort to stay relevant as a potential employee, you will be one-step ahead of other employees who are simply relying on their experiences to apply for a job. Stay updated with trends and you should be more than fine. If you’ve worked hard on staying relevant and need help finding a job, contact Olympic Staffing. They will help you find jobs that will utilize your most recent and relevant skillset.



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