What Salary Should You Ask For?

August 26th, 2014

Salary is one of the most important factors determining if you will accept a job offer. Some employers will advertise specific salaries, but you should still do an initial assessment to make sure you are being paid fairly. If you aren’t, you should ask for a different salary. Here are some tips regarding what salary you should ask for:

Consider Your Experience. 

In your previous job, you made a certain amount of money every year. In most situations, you will ask for a salary that is equal to or higher than your previous salary. This also is dependent on how long you were at the job, what skills you learned, and how valuable you were as an employee. Use your previous salary as a baseline before considering other factors such as your future financial commitments and salary comparison. 

Assess Your Future Financial Commitments. 

Assess your future financial commitments, and consider these when determining a salary amount. You won’t necessarily be able to ask for a higher salary because you have more financial responsibilities, but you will be able to look for jobs and salaries that meet your financial need. 

Research and Compare with Other Jobs. 

Even though you need to take your past experiences and financial commitments into account, you also need to research and compare salaries for similar companies and positions. You can do this on websites such as Glassdoor or PayScale. Once you know what other candidates are earning in similar positions, you can ask for a similar salary.

If you know what salary you would like and are ready to find a new job, contact Olympic Staffing. We help candidates find employers who are offer salaries equitable to the position requirements and the potential candidate’s skills/experience.


How To Help Your Staffing Agency Help You

August 19th, 2014

Companies will use staffing agencies for a variety of reasons, such as convenience or efficiency. If your company is going to hire a staffing agency, there are steps you can take to make your experience as effective as possible. The first step you need to take is to discuss several factors pertaining to your company:

Hiring Process 

Let your staffing agency know what your typical hiring process is. Do you conduct phone interviews before bringing someone in for an in-person interview? Do you have the candidate perform a challenge-based interview or simply provide details about their experiences? 

Company Information 

This is your chance to give a detailed explanation of your company and how it operates. Make sure to include details about your mission statement and company culture. Your staffing agency will need to know as much background as possible to make sure the candidate will fit in with your company as well as perform well in the job. 

Job Needs 

You need to be very clear with what you need out of the candidate whom you are hiring. Job needs for that candidate could include distance from the office, education level, or niche skillsets. No matter how specific the needs are, don’t be afraid to tell your staffing agency, because it’s their job to find that perfect candidate for you. 

Staffing Agency Expectations 

Your staffing agency needs to know what you expect from them. If you need a job filled within forty-eight hours, let them know that. If you need your staffing agency to find you the top five engineers within a particular radius, let them know that as well.

After you have thoroughly delved into your company’s background, you will need to seek to understand the staffing agency. Here is what you will need to find out about your staffing agency:

Their Process 

In order to remain on the same page, you need to know the typical process your staffing agency uses to match you up with the right set of employees. This includes how they find the candidates and what screening methods they use. 

Their Past Experiences 

Does your staffing agency have experience with a similar situation? If not, how can their experiences help with this current situation? Make sure you understand how experienced they are and whether or not you will need to provide more insight into the staffing process for your company. 

Their Recommendations 

Even though you might have your reasons for doing things a certain way, ask your staffing agency what their recommendations are for your situation. You may find yourself thinking about different needs or looking at your situation differently. You have hired professionals, so it’s a good idea to keep your staffing agency’s recommendations in mind, regardless of the topic at hand.

With both of your needs and expectations on the table, you, and your staffing agency should be able to make the best decisions possible in the situation. Keep in mind that the more your staffing agency knows about your company, the more they will be able to help you and tailor your future employees to your company’s exact needs. If you feel like your company is ready to hire a staffing agency, contact Olympic Staffing. They will provide you with a tailored staffing experience that will meet your company’s needs and requirements.

How to Stay Relevant as a Potential Employee

August 12th, 2014

We live in a world that has an ever-changing job market. There are always new skills, techniques, and programs to learn in order to keep up with others who are applying to similar jobs. If you’re currently looking for a job, it’s your responsibility to make sure you stay relevant as a potential employee.

Tweak Your Resumé to Reflect Trends. 

If you’re applying for a job that deals with anything digital, you should tweak your resume to reflect what is currently trending. For example, if a new social network or computer program is extremely popular at the time of your application, you will want to list your experience with that current program or social network. Your potential employer will appreciate the fact that you know the latest trends and they won’t have to spend time training you or asking you to learn a new program. 

Apply for Jobs with Long-Lasting Potential. 

Only apply for jobs that have long-lasting potential in terms of relevancy. For example, if there’s a social media network that is almost obsolete, avoid applying for jobs where using that social network would be your primary skill. You always want to make sure the skills and tasks you perform on a regular basis at your current job can last and will be able to further your career when interviewing for future jobs. 

Make sure your Skills are not Obsolete. 

In order to stay relevant as a potential employee, your skills need to be relevant. This includes staying up-to-date on software and hardware updates and being informed about new methods of doing certain tasks. Potential employers don’t want to have to take the time to train you on new programs or ways of completing certain tasks. 

Phase out References to Dated Experiences. 

Before you send out your resume, make sure it doesn’t have any dated experiences. For example, if you are a college graduate, you shouldn’t have any mention of high school experiences. If you have been in the workforce for several years, you shouldn’t list any college extracurricular activities or internships. If you don’t keep your resume relevant, employers are going to assume that you haven’t been keeping yourself that busy since that past experience. 

If you make a concerted effort to stay relevant as a potential employee, you will be one-step ahead of other employees who are simply relying on their experiences to apply for a job. Stay updated with trends and you should be more than fine. If you’ve worked hard on staying relevant and need help finding a job, contact Olympic Staffing. They will help you find jobs that will utilize your most recent and relevant skillset.



How to Help Your Employees Feel Engaged

August 5th, 2014

When you hold a management position in a company, it’s important to make sure your employees are productive, efficient, and feel engaged on a regular basis. Employee engagement will ensure that your employees are happier within their positions and less likely to leave the company or lose productivity. Here are some ways employee engagement can be promoted:

Allow Employees to Provide Regular Input and Give Feedback. 

One of the biggest reasons why employees don’t feel engaged is because they feel they don’t have a say regarding what decisions the company makes or is currently facing. You can eliminate this feeling by allowing your employees to provide regular input and give feedback. You could do this a number of ways, such as holding weekly open-table meetings, or through hosting a feedback box in the kitchen area. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do this, but letting your employees feel like they’re a part of the company’s decisions is invaluable towards promoting employee engagement. 

Communicate With Your Employees. 

Keep your employees informed. If you communicate regularly with your employees about changes to procedures or the way the company operates, they will feel engaged. This can be as simple as sending out a weekly newsletter or daily e-mail with anything the employees need to know. Make sure to keep all of your employees informed about company decisions; don’t just limit your communication to certain departments or positions. 

Publicly Advertise Promotion Opportunities. 

Employees will feel engaged if you regularly advertise the fact that they can grow or advance within the company. Moreover, if you publicly advertise promotion opportunities, all employees will feel like they are being encouraged to apply or work for that promotion instead of simply targeting certain individuals. 

Incentivize Hard Work. 

One great way to promote employee engagement is to incentivize hard work. If an employee sees the benefit of his/her actions, he or she is more likely to feel engaged and perform more efficiently. If hard work is incentivized, the employee will also feel like he or she is contributing to the greater good of the company, which leads back to your employee being engaged. 

Employee engagement looks different for every employee and company, but it is very important that you reach out to your employees. Your employees will appreciate the effort you make with them, and will most likely repay the favor to the management level by working harder and more efficiently. If you are looking for more employees to add to your team, contact Olympic Staffing. They will provide you with many options for hard-working employees to add to your team.