How to Bring up Salary for a Potential Job

July 15th, 2014

When you are interviewing for jobs, salary is one of the most important factors that will ultimately shape your decision as to whether or not you accept the job. Often, potential employers won’t supply salary information right away. However, there is a right way to bring up salary in an interview without making it uncomfortable:

Don’t Initiate Salary Conversations During the First Interview 

The first interview is meant to be informal in the sense that you and the potential employer are getting to know each other. You are both assessing whether or not you would be a good fit for the role and company culture. Don’t bring up salary in the first interview, because it makes you seem less interested in the job itself and more interested in the details. 

Ask About Salary Before or During The Second Interview 

Salary is one of the factors that can highly influence your decision, so it’s only fair that you need to know the starting salary before moving forward with the company. If you are called back for a second interview, the time is now appropriate to initiate the salary conversation. You can either ask before or wait until you are in the interview, but you will have more negotiating power if you ask about the salary in person.

Do Your Research 

Make sure you do some research before the salary conversation takes place. You will want to know what the average salary is for people who are applying for jobs in the same field as you. This way, if the starting salary is lower than you had hoped, you havepotentially  room for salary negotiations. 

Clarify Salary

If the salary was previously advertised or mentioned in the first interview, make sure to clarify the salary in the final interview. It should be listed in the offer letter, but you will need to know the salary if you are interviewing for multiple jobs at once. This is so you can disqualify any potential jobs that don’t have a sufficient salary for your needs.

Salary is an important factor of a job, and it is not to be taken lightly when you’re interviewing for different jobs. If you know what salary you have in mind and you’re seeking new employment, contact Olympic Staffing. We will help you find interviews and meetings with companies who have your same salary requirements in mind.

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