How to Attract Natural Leaders for Your Company

July 22nd, 2014

Every company needs for two types of employees: leaders and supporters. Leaders are the employees who set goals and take initiative for the company’s needs, and supporters are the employees who follow direction well and perform the company tasks as needed. If you’re looking to attract natural leaders for your company, consider the following steps in the recruiting process:

Seek Recruits with Leadership Experience 

When you’re doing your initial search for potential candidates, try to seek out candidates who have significant leadership experience. This leadership experience could be anything from a title to a duty, but you will increase your chances of hiring a leader if the candidate has displayed leadership initiative in the past. 

Highlight Leadership Opportunities in the Interview 

While interviewing the candidate, highlight leadership opportunities as much as you can. When you mention leadership opportunities, evaluate the candidate’s level of excitement. If the candidate is excited and asks follow-up questions about the leadership positions, you are probably interviewing a natural leader. 

Ask the Candidate a Hypothetical Problem Question 

One way to find out if a candidate possesses a leadership mindset is to immerse them in a situation that requires leadership. In an interview, the best manner in which to do this is to ask the candidate a hypothetical problem question. Essentially, present the candidate with a realistic problem that could happen on any given day within the company and ask how he or she would solve it. From the response, you will be able to tell if the candidate is a natural leader or a supporter. 

Observe if the Candidate Offers Any Solutions without Prompting

Throughout the interview, take notes of what the candidate is saying. If the candidate offers solutions without prompting, s/he is probably a natural leader. If the candidate simply answers the questions without displaying any outside initiative, that candidate is probably a supporter.

Every type of company needs both leading employees and supporting employees in order to have the company run successfully. If you have identified that you are in need of an employee who is a natural leader, contact Olympic Staffing. We will perform a thorough screening process to ensure that only natural leaders are presented to your company.

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