Salary Negotiations

June 10th, 2014

What Factors Determine How Much I Can Negotiate My Salary?

One of the most important factors surrounding a new job is salary. Many people wonder if they can negotiate the salary. Salary negotiation is different for everyone depending on several various factors surrounding timing and comparison. Factors that determine whether you can negotiate your salary include:

Has The Company Been Searching For a Few Months? 

Your salary-negotiating options increase if a company has been searching for a candidate for several months. They may be desperate to fill it as quickly as possible, and therefore, more open to salary negotiations than they would be if the position had just been listed. 

Have You Held Several Jobs in the Last Few Years? 

If you have held several jobs in the last few years, you have a slim chance at negotiating your salary. The reason for this is that employers will see you as a short-term investment for the company as opposed to a long-term hire. If you can convince the employers that there was a motivating factor contributing to the job changes, you might have some leeway with your salary negotiations. 

What Stage of Your Life Are You In? 

If you have just graduated from college or left your first full-time job, your chances of negotiating your salary are minimal. Though you may have several years of experience, you have not had time to develop a niche, which employers view as a premium. If you are in a more established stage of life, however, your salary-negotiating options improve. The reason for this is that employers associate age with wisdom and life experience. 

What Are You Paid at Your Current Job? 

If you are applying for a job that has the same or a slightly higher salary than your current job, you can negotiate a higher salary. The reason for this is that with each job, you gain more experience and increase your value as an employee. You can back up this claim with facts in your interview to ensure you have a more successful negotiation.

What Are Others Paid To Do a Similar Job at a Different Company? 

Do your research before you negotiate your salary. If other jobs in the same industry are offering the same amount, you should not try to negotiate. If other jobs in the same industry are offering a noticeably higher amount, you should try to negotiate. Note: do not make comparisons in your negotiation conversation, because this can often have a negative effect. 

Do You Have Less or More Experience Than Others in The Industry? 

If you have significant experience in the industry for which you’re applying, you should be able to bring up the topic of salary negotiation comfortably. If you have recently switched to that specific industry, however, avoid salary negotiation conversations. 

Salary is an important factor surrounding whether or not a specific job is right for you. Many people struggle over the issue of salary negotiation when an offer comes in that is too low for their personal comfort. If you have a certain salary range in mind, contact Olympic Staffing. They will match you up with a job that has an appropriate salary range for your skillset and help you make steps forward in that industry.



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