Reduce Employee Turnover

June 3rd, 2014

Whether you’re hiring new employees or maintaining relationships with existing employees, employee turnover is often a prevalent problem for businesses. Many employers use reactive measures instead of proactive measures, which ultimately do not help the situation.

Prevent employee turnover by taking proactive measures:

Use Behavior Based Interviewing. 

As an employer, it is your job to do a thorough screening of your potential hires before you invite them to be a part of your company. You can do this through the use of behavior based interviewing. Listen to the potential candidate’s responses as to how he or she would handle certain problems or tasks. If these responses seem to lack enthusiasm or creativity, you may be interviewing someone who is disinterested in the job. You will reduce employee turnover if you only hire candidates who genuinely seem interested in and excited about the job. 

Take All Aspects of a Potential Hire’s Life into Account. 

When you are screening your potential candidates, you need to look at all aspects of a potential hire’s life in order to reduce the risk that they will leave the company sooner rather than later. If your company values do not seem to align with the potential candidate’s values, there is a risk that the candidate would leave if hired. For example, if the potential hire prefers to work alone but the position requires a lot of teamwork, there is an obvious risk that the potential hire would leave to find a better-suited company. When you match up your company’s needs with the potential hire’s personality and situational aspects, you greatly reduce your risk of employee turnover.

Implementing Management Changes may also Reduce Employee Turnover:

Invest in Your Employees. 

Investing in your employees doesn’t solely refer to increased compensation and benefits. Investing in your employees means that you take the time to mentor your employees and give them growth opportunities within the company. When you create an environment where growth and personal advancement are encouraged, your employees will have more of an incentive to stay with your company on a long-term basis. 

Collect Regular Input and Feedback From Staff. 

If your employees feel stifled or micromanaged in a job, they will likely seek out other job prospects where they are given more freedom and expression. When you collect regular input and feedback from your employees, regarding how the company is being run or how they feel, they will feel much more included and a part of a team. This feeling of camaraderie and importance will carry over into employee happiness, which helps reduce employee turnover.

Preventing employee turnover starts with the hiring process and is achieved through making small management changes. Contact Olympic Staffing if you need help with the hiring process when looking for long-term and reliable employees. Our team will do a multi-step screening to ensure that you end up with low-risk, high-quality applicants for your company.



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