How to Make a Great First Impression in Your Interview

June 24th, 2014

When you step in the door for an interview, your assessment as a potential fit for the position begins immediately. Ultimately, you want to make a great first impression in your interview to increase your chances for being hired. Certain actions you take and words you say can help you have a positive first impression in an interview: 

Show Up On Time 

This is the first impression your interviewer will have of you. If you show up to your interview on time, you are letting your interviewer know that you are responsible and excited about the job. If you show up to your interview late, you are letting the interviewer know that you are not necessarily reliable or motivated to  work. 

Dress the Part 

When you are interviewing for a particular job, you need to dress nicer than you would on a daily basis for that job. When you walk into your interview, your interviewer will notice that you are dressing the part and will appreciate your effort. 

Be Aware of Your Body Language 

Body language is one of the biggest factors interviewers use when assessing whether or not you would be a good fit for their company. Make sure you are not crossing your arms or slouching. If you’re genuinely excited about the position, your body language should reflect that. 

Connect With Your Interviewer 

Find one way to connect with your interviewer before you leave the interview. Whether you point out that you have the same alma mater or you have a shared interest, make sure to connect with your interviewer in some way to make yourself stand out and to personalize your time. 

Ask Questions 

If you ask questions in your interview, you will seem engaged and intelligent. It’s a good idea to ask follow-up questions regarding any job specifics on which you are not clear. It’s also a good idea to ask questions that are important to you, such as whether or not there is room for growth in the position. The interviewer will appreciate that you have a vested interest in the position and will be more likely to remember you and your engagement after the interviews have finished. 

Think Before You Speak

It’s perfectly fine to take a few moments to think before you answer a tricky question. When you do this, you will seem calculated and responsible. You will be able to answer the question eloquently with a clear head. It is much better to take a few seconds to think of the perfect answer than to jump immediately into an answer that is not completely true or planned.

As a potential employee, it is your responsibility is to present yourself at your best. If you want help finding interviews that are perfectly suited to your needs and skillsets, contact Olympic Staffing. We will help match you up with companies that are best suited for your needs so you can interview for jobs that are aligned with your career goals.


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