How To Best Implement Succession Planning

May 20th, 2014

Succession planning is a complicated task that takes years of effort, performance management and communication. If done correctly, it can be an invaluable tool for any company. Here are some tips regarding how to best implement succession planning for your company:

Nurture Your Leaders But Don’t Isolate Any Employees. 

You may have an idea of which employees will someday be effective leaders for the company. That’s perfectly acceptable, but don’t isolate any employees while you’re in the succession planning process. New talent could easily arise from your existing pool of employees, so respect your employees and continue to give them growth opportunities.

You are allowed and encouraged to nurture your strongest leaders to plan for their future within your company. As long as this nurturing isn’t exclusive and allows for growth and improvement from all employees, it is to be encouraged.

Seek Diversity Within the Company. 

When succession planning, you can shape the future of your company in a structured and responsible way. One of the easiest ways to guarantee the succession planning process runs smoothly is to incorporate diversity when choosing your leaders. Choose different leadership styles, personalities and values to ensure that your company will look at decisions from all different angles. This will also allow your company to see if a certain aspect of the business should be conducted in another manner. 

Check in with Employee and Company Goals on a Regular Basis. 

The goals of the company and the employees can often be lost when in the midst of succession planning. Check in with your employees on a regular basis to see that their goals are being met and that they are contributing to the company’s overall goals. While it’s important to plan for the future, it’s also important to remain in the present so the future leaders can work with a successful company.

Succession planning takes a lot of hard work and determination.  When done correctly, it can lead to some incredible results for both your business and your employees. If you would like to hire some new candidates for your business who are leaders, contact Olympic Staffing. They will put you in touch with several candidates who display the leadership qualities needed for a succession-planning candidate.

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