Finding Work as a Writer if You Received a Degree in Biology

January 28th, 2014

People often choose their majors in college based on what it is they enjoy studying. Then, after graduating, they find that taking classes and finding actual employment are two different things entirely.

If you find yourself in this position, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of landing your dream job, even if your resume shows a degree in something totally unrelated.

Determine What Skills Are Transferable

Choose any two jobs in this world, and odds are you will find that at least some of the basic skills they require overlap: waitresses and politicians both need good communication skills, pharmacists and bankers both need to keep careful track of customer records. If you want to be a writer, but are working as a lab assistant, ask if you can help draft the lab reports. If you landed a job at the zoo with your science degree, offer to help out with the monthly newsletter. Look at postings for jobs you would like to have and determine what skills you can work on in your current position.

Gather Experience In The Field You Want To Be In

The easiest way to gain experience in the industry your aiming at is to volunteer. Aspiring writers can write website content for local non-profits. If you’ve decided history is your passion, volunteer as a docent at your local museum or cultural center. If you are uncertain what industry you would like to land in, consider working temporary assignments to test the waters. With a little creativity, you can add a job description to your resume that shows where your true interests lie.

Figure Out How To Be The Exception.

Yes, architects are highly trained, but you need not hold the degree to work in the office. Likewise, you don’t have to be a cinematographer to get a job on a movie set. In any industry there are positions where a diverse background will be an asset. You just have to find them. Use your network to ask for introductions to people who are doing work you find exciting, then ask them how you can get involved.

It’s not uncommon for people to end up working in an industry that has nothing to do with what they studied in school. Interests change over the years, people grow. If you find yourself being drawn toward an occupation you didn’t expect, keep an open mind and focus on using the skills you have to find the job you want.


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