How Social Media Can Help You Land a Job

May 21st, 2013

Social media is all about communication. That is, communicating why a potential employer should hire you.

Your online presence

Next to your resume, your online presence is an important tool in your job search toolbox. The difference between you and another candidate may simply be your online presence. Internet screening is a routine part of most employers’ prospective employee interviews, so use that to your advantage. “37% of employers use social networks to screen potential job candidates.” (April 16, 2013, Forbes) And according to a Bullhorn survey, “98 percent of recruiters used Social Media to find candidates in 2012 (February 5, 2013, CBS Money Watch)

Carefully evaluate what your online presence says about you, and then do your best to enhance your profile. Remember that in this age of social media, an empty online presence can be as detrimental as a negative one.

Make the most of business social media sites

Business social media sites serve three basic purposes:

  • Online networking with companies and professionals
  • Keeping those same companies connected to you
  • Monitoring for industry insights and news

These are all valuable services, and for the purposes of your job search your goal is to enhance your digital presence. That means it’s time to step up your business social media game. Join niche online business communities that are focused on your career interests.  But don’t just join sites. Engage. Participate on blogs of those companies you are interested in with thoughtful and insightful comments. Subscribe, visit regularly and link back. U.S, New & World Report, Money recommends you stay active with “what’s filling the social media stream” of the companies you follow. (April 30, 2013 U.S. News & World Report Money)

Do Twitter and Facebook matter?

Abolutely. Connect by following your target employers on Facebook, and Twitter. Interact with relevant comments and Tweets about your industry. Following can mean gaining valuable information on what’s going on inside your target companies, often before a press release.  In order to make Facebook and Twitter useful you must engage daily. No drive-by posting. ‘Like,’ and ‘retweet,’ comment and share. Keep your profiles up-to-date and professional and engage daily.

Social media can be an important part of job search success, and we at Olympic are committed to your success.

Olympic’s pledge:  We match the best candidate with the best companies, and we get it right the first time. Contact us and let’s chat about how we can partner to make that happen.

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