Introducing the Social Résumé

May 28th, 2013

What is a social résumé?

By definition, a résumé is a short summary of you, the job candidate. Social refers to social media. If you have an online presence at all, then like it or not, you already have a social résumé. Social résumés are simply utilizing online formats to present who you are and your qualifications.

Is a social résumé appropriate for you?

If your target job requires a résumé, then yes, a social résumé is a powerful way to showcase your talent. If you need to submit a traditional résumé, be sure to link to your social résumé. That’s a great way to direct potential employers to your online presence.

Forbes magazine says in regard to social résumés, that “we’re moving from a ‘knowledge economy’ to a ‘social economy’.” (January 1, 2013, Forbes). It’s true these days that who you know may be as important as, or more important, than what you know. So why make potential employers search for you? Instead, be intentional about your online presence.

Types of social résumés

Websites and blogs are the most traditional format to host a social media résumé. In fact if you are in any type of visual arts, a portfolio website is a must.

Keep the site clean and easy to navigate, and make it easy to contact you. Let your site reflect you what you have to offer a potential employer.  Adding your photo to the site? Utilize a professional head shot. If you are photogenic, consider adding a vlog (video blog post) to your social résumé.  Multimedia is another option to individualize your social résumé, but use caution as ‘flash’ doesn’t translate to all digital products.

Remember to provide links to your social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Maximize sharing your social résumé with tools such as ShareThis which will share all your social media platforms for you.

Check out these sites which can host your social media résumé. Some also offer unique tools and not only host your résumé but help you build your résumé.

More and more employers are using the internet to screen employees. So why not be prepared with a standout internet presence and a social résumé that gets you the interview and the job?

Your goal is to match your skills with the right company. At Olympic Staffing Services that’s our goal too. Contact us and let’s chat about how we can partner to make that happen.


How Social Media Can Help You Land a Job

May 21st, 2013

Social media is all about communication. That is, communicating why a potential employer should hire you.

Your online presence

Next to your resume, your online presence is an important tool in your job search toolbox. The difference between you and another candidate may simply be your online presence. Internet screening is a routine part of most employers’ prospective employee interviews, so use that to your advantage. “37% of employers use social networks to screen potential job candidates.” (April 16, 2013, Forbes) And according to a Bullhorn survey, “98 percent of recruiters used Social Media to find candidates in 2012 (February 5, 2013, CBS Money Watch)

Carefully evaluate what your online presence says about you, and then do your best to enhance your profile. Remember that in this age of social media, an empty online presence can be as detrimental as a negative one.

Make the most of business social media sites

Business social media sites serve three basic purposes:

  • Online networking with companies and professionals
  • Keeping those same companies connected to you
  • Monitoring for industry insights and news

These are all valuable services, and for the purposes of your job search your goal is to enhance your digital presence. That means it’s time to step up your business social media game. Join niche online business communities that are focused on your career interests.  But don’t just join sites. Engage. Participate on blogs of those companies you are interested in with thoughtful and insightful comments. Subscribe, visit regularly and link back. U.S, New & World Report, Money recommends you stay active with “what’s filling the social media stream” of the companies you follow. (April 30, 2013 U.S. News & World Report Money)

Do Twitter and Facebook matter?

Abolutely. Connect by following your target employers on Facebook, and Twitter. Interact with relevant comments and Tweets about your industry. Following can mean gaining valuable information on what’s going on inside your target companies, often before a press release.  In order to make Facebook and Twitter useful you must engage daily. No drive-by posting. ‘Like,’ and ‘retweet,’ comment and share. Keep your profiles up-to-date and professional and engage daily.

Social media can be an important part of job search success, and we at Olympic are committed to your success.

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Your Résumé: It’s Not About You

May 14th, 2013

A résumé on a potential employer’s desk is a lot like speed dating. Generally, one chance is all you get. Here are some tips to ensure your résumé is the one that lands you the call for an interview.

Common résumé mistakes

Besides the obvious errors such as spelling and grammar, there are several other common résumé missteps. Here are the right steps:

Most résumés are electronic but the rules are the same: use a simple and consistent format with an industry standard font such as Times New Roman 12-point that makes it easy for a reader to scan. Bullets can add to readability and draw the eye for emphasis as well as white space. Before you press send, verify that your résumé will transmit without losing the format, or better yet, convert to pdf.

Avoid cutesy email contact addresses. Your name as your email address is simple and professional.

Don’t fail to include a cover letter. Cover letters are your personal knock on the door. They shouldn’t duplicate your résumé but they should introduce you and hook the employer into checking out your résumé. Your first impression does make a difference. Customize the letter for each employer.

Résumés that don’t reflect your ‘voice’ can be off-putting. Be sure your résumé reflects you individually, using words and phrases you feel comfortable with.

Burying your skill-set is a common problem with résumés. That skill-set can make or break your résumé. Consider putting skills front and center and be sure to specifically target the skills your prospective employer is looking for.

Every single word of your résumé should be aimed at one goal: getting that call back. If a word isn’t necessary, cut it. Wording should include powerful verbs, strong nouns, but avoid clichéd or fluff adjectives.

Go ahead and include embedded hyperlinks to your former employer’s sites. Also include your website or blog or other social media sites IF they are relevant to the position you are seeking or reflect your achievements.

Tailor that résumé to fit the job

Your résumé isn’t just a calling card, think of it as you courting an employer. With that in mind, it is necessary to tailor your résumé to fit each company that receives it.

Keywords are very important. Repeat relevant keywords from the job description of the position you are applying for in your résumé. Most résumés are submitted electronically so use keywords often to ensure your résumé will come up on a search of qualified candidates.

Skill-set. This is worth repeating. Carefully update the skills section of your résumé to reflect the needs of the position.

What do you bring to the table?

When describing your abilities or job history consider this: if your former employers asked you to document what you’ve done for the company to warrant a merit raise, what would you have to say? Utilize that same thought process on your résumé. Instead of duties, let your job history description emphasize what you can do for the prospective employer.  Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Give them a taste of your potential. You want to encourage a call back.

Another option is a qualifications summary paragraph instead of an objectives paragraph. Keep it succinct and to the point while letting the employer know exactly what you bring to the table.

Like speed dating, a quick glance is all you get from that prospective suitor. Why should they call you?

Your goal is to match your skills with the right company. At Olympic Staffing Services that’s our goal too. Contact us and let’s chat about how we can partner to make that happen.


May 7th, 2013

The Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan organization, first estimated ObamaCare or PPACA Health care reform to cost $940 billion over the coming decade. In early February 2013, it raised that estimate by $233 billion, and who knows how or when the cost may rise again?

While America answers the far-reaching challenges of this impactful legislation, three points of light peek on the horizon.

Soaring costs for health care means people are motivated to look and stay healthier

The idea is that staying healthy will drive down premium costs and the overall cost of individual health care. Increasing amounts of literature and advertisements have been directed at health and wellness.

Rather than intervention, the focus on health care is prevention or maintaining quality of life  (source: Wall Street Journal) and a healthy lifestyle. The mindset toward health, though a process, is beginning to initiate positive results for those who align themselves with it.

People are developing personal goals for their well-being. How does this translate to more jobs in the health care sector?

New areas of employment open for skilled and unskilled labor

Referencing the new healthy outlook, Professionals are needed who can counsel people about achieving and maintaining a healthier life. Positions would include professionals such as sports trainers and nutritionists as well as those willing to sell and administrate these services.

Gyms, fitness coaches, personal trainers and physical and occupational therapists will be able to help all ages. Young people will look for more robust routines, but because people are living longer, older individuals will also be interested in appropriate exercise. Those in care facilities will not only need varied levels of assistance, they will need training to better manage self-care, especially as aging places limits on their abilities and activities.

Longer life spans necessitate more demand for home health aides, long-term care aides, and hospice aides. Also needed will be those who can maintain these records and databases and interact with insurance companies.

New areas of health care technology responds to needs

In keeping with the two aspects above, new technologies will be needed to meet rising demands in health care.

Fitness applications will be designed for use by individuals and to conform to multiple devices. Travelers, marathoners, or other individuals will want to take along their routines or monitor statistics against personal goals.

Easier and more convenient devices such as glucose monitors, or screenings for cancer or other diseases, will be needed. Already, 3-D printers are able to print life size organs. Printing with stem cells is currently being tested.

In response to new avenues of technology, enter a broader role of digital forensics in health care.

Digital forensics involves recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices. Medical data mining involves searchable data by queries, such as treatments for disease states or adverse reactions. Data administrators who can facilitate data input, resolve conflicts and verify accuracy will also be needed.  With the plethora of health care information requiring management, these fields seem strong for job-seekers.

Olympic Staffing Services monitors what is important to you

PPACA is not going away soon, if at all. ObamaCare is the largest body of legislation on health care since 1965’s enactment of Medicare or Medicaid.

We have always believed that giving you a place at the table is a great way to satisfy the high caliber candidates and successful businesses we serve. It is why we are involved in our communities and why we keep abreast of news and views that impact you.

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