Why Loyalty is Essential in Marketing

September 28th, 2012

The traditional marketing tenants of yesteryear have put business owners and operators in a perplexing situation; in a very short span of time, the marketing tactics and strategies that had worked for decades (think mailers, for example) have become obsolete. The customers of today are responding to a different type of sales pitch–one that comes not from strangers representing the product, but from other clients, buyers or individuals like themselves. The most effective tool you can utilize in growing your business is maddeningly difficult to pin down, but incredibly effective once harnessed, and that tool is a movement.

The first and most difficult task in executing a movement marketing strategy is building brand loyalty. Have you ever had service so good you told your neighbor about it? Have you ever jumped in a discussion about what type of computer a friend should buy because you feel drawn to one particular brand?

That feeling of personal connection–of loyalty–to a brand, is what causes you to do the marketing legwork for the companies that receive your business by telling other people why you love the company. This is particularly true of companies and products that reflect our participation in a movement. Consumers enjoy products and service providers that say something positive about the consumer; for example, using visibly eco-friendly or “green” products or brands tells people that you are a member (at least in a small way) of the environmental movement.

So how can you create loyalty to your product or business? Offer incentives for talking about your company. Use social media to keep up with who is, for instance, “checking in” to your establishment on Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp. Offer a small discount for checking in, and make this visible. Encourage your customers to engage this offer by posting obvious but non-invasive signage in common or high-traffic areas. Utilize a referral program by offering discounts for new clients and clients who refer business to you. Be sure to continue taking care of your existing clients–the incentives they receive must be merely bonuses in addition to a consistently stellar product or service.

Building loyalty can only be possible with the right team working for your company. The employees who orchestrate the marketing strategies must be top notch. Contact Olympic Staffing today to begin evaluating the vast potential in growing your business!

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