Positive Hiring Outlook for the Class of 2012

May 18th, 2012

The approximately 1.7 million college graduates who are entering the workforce this summer are in for an exciting time. Unlike the graduating classes of the past few years, the class of 2012 is facing a job market that is filled with more certainty and renewed optimism. The anxiety of a long four years has been replaced with a general sigh of relief.

For the past four years of the Great Recession, as some pundits style the recent economic downturn, these students have existed in a type of bubble, protected on college campuses from threats of layoffs and career upheaval. Though protected, they were not unaware of what was happening beyond the campus gates. With gentle pushes from many colleges, students participated in internships and experiential learning, all with an eye towards jumping into a career, and learning the up-to-date technical skills and business development-savvy that continue to be in demand.

During the economic slump, many companies across all industries have implemented hiring freezes, meaning that fewer workers were tasked with doing the same amount of work. Combine that with an overall reluctance to bring on new employees – especially if there was the chance of layoffs or internal realignments – and it signaled a period of stagnation in hiring and in job mobility, for people moving laterally and moving up the corporate ladder.

A recent employer survey from NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers, cites that employers plan to offer, on average, a starting salary that is 4.5 percent higher for the class of 2012 than for the class of 2011. What’s more, employers are expecting to hire approximately 10.2 percent more from the crop of 2012 graduates than those of last year. Salary and number of hires are two key indicators that signal a strong market for those donning a cap and gown this spring.

An economic upturn means that businesses no longer have to be so fearful of expansion, or of bringing on new staff to meet demands for production or services. As more workers have the confidence to move up or to move on into new positions, more room is being made for new graduates who are looking to get their feet in the door.

Olympic Staffing is prepared to help employers take advantage of the talent in this new class of graduating college students. Call our office today to find out how we can serve you.

How to address your criminal record during your job search

May 11th, 2012

As if the fierce competition in the job market weren’t enough, job seekers with criminal records face an added hurdle to finding employment. Whether your criminal record stems from a minor incident years ago or a pattern of behavior that you have overcome, here is some advice for addressing your past as you navigate the path to your next job.

Be honest

Your resume should include an accurate representation of your employment and educational experience. For job seekers who used time in prison for training or academic courses, you should include that in your resume. The same applies for work experience while incarcerated; include your job title and skills used in that position.

Be advised that this may signal to an employer to ask you about any past convictions, and that would open up the chance for you to give a brief description of your record, followed by an explanation of what you learned and how you have been rehabilitated. Lying by omission is still a lie, and companies routinely run background checks on job candidates. Being caught in a lie will cost you a job, and people within an industry do talk to each other. Word that you were untruthful could get to other potential employers.

Be positive

During an interview, a hiring manager may address gaps in your employment.  Mention any rehabilitative or educational opportunities that you worked through during those periods. Being dishonest on an application or in an interview would be cause for

No matter in what part of the interview process that happens, you should be prepared to give a solid and coherent answer. Practice it, and be sincere and thoughtful in your response. Conveying a sense of optimism, both about your situation and your future, can be infectious, and will leave a better impression on an interviewer. There are few people in this world who have not needed a second chance at some point, and there are many employers out there who understand that.

Be prepared

You do have rights, which vary by state, about what employers can and can’t ask you about your arrest and conviction record. As you search for a job, make sure you are aware of those specific rights, either by speaking to a lawyer, a parole officer, or your state’s attorney general’s office or department of labor. These resources, along with members of your church or local professional organizations, can be of great help to you as you look for a job.

During your job search, your criminal record may hold you back, but don’t let it stop you. Take each day, each interview and each opportunity as it comes.

For employers and job seekers who have questions about addressing a criminal record when filling a position, ask Olympic Staffing how we can help you.

A Perfect Trifecta! – How our clients, our candidates, and the Olympic Team work together to get the best results for all three.

May 4th, 2012

At Olympic Staffing, we make a pledge to our clients and our candidates: to match the best candidate with the best companies, and to get it right the first time. That simple statement reinforces the three core components that have made our company thrive since 1983 – clients, candidates, and the Olympic Staffing team. Together, we can design innovative solutions that bring out the best in each of us.

The businesses that choose to work with us aren’t only getting the benefit of working with an Inc. 500-recognized staffing agency. With Olympic Staffing, you are able to take advantage of a team approach that draws out the strengths from your company and your employees.

Client Knowledge

Olympic Staffing recognizes that our clients are the experts in their business. As a business owner, you understand the past, present and future of your company more than anyone. That knowledge forms the foundation for our work together. As our client, you set the goals, and from there we make a concerted effort with you and our candidates to achieve those goals.

Candidates’ value

The placement of a candidate by Olympic Staffing is just the start of a much longer relationship. As soon as our candidates step through the door, we make sure to let them know that they are valued as employees, as people and as part of our team. And, we stay in contact with candidates and the client company after they begin their positions, including regular assessments. We want to make sure that the client’s needs are being met, and that the candidate is feeling productive. This continued communication works to everyone’s benefit.

Effective team approach

As we build our relationship, Olympic Staffing will strive to become your partner. And we can point to a record of success across many industries to the strong and enduring partnerships we have built. These are partnerships built on trust, on strategy and on shared goals. We will take the time to understand all aspects of your business, and are with you and your business for the long haul. This helps us to anticipate your needs from candidates and make recommendations that will help you to surpass your goals.

Olympic Staffing takes a team approach to solving your business challenges. Contact our office today to bring us on board!